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   Sorted CREATE TABLE Script For LAND Table
   Created on: 23-MAY-2020 11:22 AM
   Created by: +1DataElements (C)

LOTTYPE_SITE_VALUE                 	INT,
LOTTYPE_TYPE_LOT                   	TINYINT,
LOTTYPE_WET_LOT                    	VARCHAR(1),
O_UNPACKED                         	VARCHAR(30),
PROPER_AGRI_CODE                   	VARCHAR(1),
PROPER_AGRI_YEAR                   	SMALLINT,
PROPER_AMOUNT1                     	SMALLINT,
PROPER_CODE1                       	TINYINT,
PROPER_CODE2                       	TINYINT,
PROPER_EFF_YEAR                    	SMALLINT,
PROPER_EXCESS_FLAG                 	VARCHAR(1),
PROPER_NBR                         	VARCHAR(2),
PROPER_PERCENT2                    	DECIMAL(4,2),
PROPER_REAPPRAISAL                 	INT,
PROPER_VALUE                       	INT,
PROPERTYPE                         	VARCHAR(1),
PROPERX_DISTRICT                   	TINYINT,
PROPERX_GRPCD                      	TINYINT,
PROPERX_KEY                        	BIGINT,
PROPERX_ZONE                       	VARCHAR(4)

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Created on: 23-MAY-2020 11:22 AM