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For Oracle, +1Copybook converts COBOL copybooks into CREATE TABLE and CONTROL files. SQL*Loader is used to load data.

Bank of the West,
Wells Fargo Bank,
Britannia Building Society,
Kanbay International,
Syntel Limited,
Tangible Value LLC,
other S&P 500 Companies.
For SQL Server, +1Copybook converts COBOL copybooks into SQL Server CREATE TABLE and FORMAT files, converts EBCDIC data into ASCII, and loads data using BULK INSERT.

Rosenfeld & Maidenbaum LLP, other California companies.
For Teradata, +1Copybook converts COBOL copybooks into CREATE TABLE scripts.

Bank of the West

+1Copybook supports DB2.
Actual times vary based on the amount of data being converted.
Clients are either current or former users of +1Copybook.

Click PLAY to watch +1Copybook demonstration.

In the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee (or watch our demo above), +1Copybook lets you:
    1. Convert COBOL copybooks into CREATE TABLE scripts.
    2. Create FORMAT or CONTROL files.
    3. Convert EBCDIC to ASCII data.
    4. Generate detailed HTML documentation.
    5. Run CREATE TABLE scripts.
    6. Load data.
    7. Query data in your tables.
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Click PLAY to watch +1Copybook FISERV demonstration.

As the above 12 minute video proves, +1Copybook can:
  1. Convert FISERV COBOL copybooks into CREATE TABLE scripts,
  2. Convert the FISERV EBCDIC data into loadable ASCII data,
  3. Create the SQL Server tables, and
  4. Use bulk insert to load the data FASTER than any other product.
Why +1Copybook is worth millions!

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